Friday, May 30, 2008

Playlist 5/30!!!!!

Bionic Jive - Increase the Dosage
The Spider Hole - Dames
Kashlee Clausen - Mad on Fire
Leopard Head - Private Party
Klak - Insert Sacjawea Coin ( Goonies II)
Denial Method - Saint
Neba - Don't be Slow
KOAMA - Rise Above
Rising Conviction - Drugs
The Gunrunners - 55 Miles (to Mexico)
The Stupors - Two for Me One for Jesus
Friday Night Gun FIght - Just a Dream
The Green lady Killers - Whips and Chains
Lovemoud - She Got Shake
Affirming the COnsequent - Burn a Politician
Dead End Dragstip - Cyanide Solution

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