Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8M2B Productions in conjunction with AZOverload.com present The Electric Li-Ion Trax Re-Mix Competition!!!

In anticipation of the release of Electric Li-Ion, the new forthcoming single from the funk-rock-reggae fusion band 8 Minutes To Burn and the Spring Tour promoting it, 8M2B Productions has teamed up with AZOverload.com, the Internet Radio station dedicated to supporting Arizona-based artists, for a new DJ and Producer re-mix challenge.

The opportunity

8 Minutes To Burn, who was recently ranked among the Top 50 Jam Bands in the country by ReverbNation, the industry leader that provides over 2.85 million music industry professionals — artists, managers, labels, venues, festivals/events — with powerful, easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper online, is offering DJs and Music Producers everywhere the chance to remix sixteen tracks of their new song, “Electric Li-Ion” that was recorded live in December 2012 at The Bisbee Royale.

This is the first time that 8 Minutes To Burn has made originally produced live recorded tracks available to the public, and has pledged to use the best re-mix as the soundtrack of the video to accompany the single release and the four runner-up re-mixes as b-side tracks on the CD version of single, with the hopes of helping boost the careers of other aspiring music talent.

The prizes

The Top five remixes will be released on the Independent Record Label that 8 Minutes To Burn is currently negotiating for the single release.

The top remix submissions will also receive 8 Minutes To Burn Merchandise, a show on the 2013 8 Minutes To Burn Electric Li-Ion Tour, a feature on AZOverload.com and other radio sponsors, and more prices to be announced.

The contest will run the entire month of April 2013 and will culminate with a party for the finalist on May 2, 2013 hosted by Club Congress.

Further questions about official contest rules and prizes may be submitted via the 8 Minutes To Burn ReverbNation Profile at:
Or by email to:

The Contest Stages
1. April 1 – 9: Download/Registration Stage – The 16 tracks may be downloaded for FREE by registering at AZOverload.com. Tracks can only be downloaded after proper registration is completed. Registration requires a legal name, stage name, legal address, a contact phone number, a ReverbNation or Sound/Party/Mix Cloud Profile URL, and a signed professional release.
Register as a user with the Azoverload.com website and enter your information on the comments section of this page.

2. April 10 – 14:  Upload/Submission Stage – Upload your remix to www.Azoverload.com. AZOverload and 8 Minutes To Burn will select re-mixes from those uploaded to get airplay during the Airplay/Voting Stage of the contest.

3. April 15 – 28: Airplay/Voting Stage – AZOverload will play the mixes selected in the Upload/Submission Stage at a particular time daily and have the DJ or Producer call in during the time their re-mix is played. The public votes for their favorite remixes aired by AZOverload, which will play a big part in the final deliberation to select the Top 5.
4. April 29 – 31: Deliberation Stage – During these three days, AZOverload and 8 Minutes To Burn will select the Top 5 submissions based on audience feedback, the amount of Facebook Likes received from fans noting their support for particular contestants, and the amount of pledges received to help with the Electric Li-Ion album project campaigns through Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo. This period of deliberation, the winner will be announced on or around November 24th, 2009.
5. April 1 – 31: Facebook Like/Fundraising Campaigns: – During the entire event, contestants will be asked to get followers and supporters to “Like” the 8 Minutes To Burn Facebook site as they leave comments of support and to pledge funds in support of the Electric Li-Ion album, from which proceeds will benefit Tucson businesses struggling as a result of the impact of city construction.

The Rules

1. All contestants must register for the competition and sign a waiver of rights to the final mix product and to ownership of the downloaded trax during the specified period.
2. All trax must be downloaded once only from the official download sponsors of the event in the file format provided. The trax may be downloaded individually or bundled and may not be distributed.

3. Trax may be re-mixed in any style or genre desired. All genres are welcome.

4. All eligible re-mixed products must:

a. Maintain the lyrical narrative
b. Be no more than 8 minutes in total length
c. Recognizable as the 8 Minutes To Burn song recorded
d. Be in .wav format
e. Meet copyright non-infringement standards

5. All submissions must be uploaded to the official upload sponsors of the event in the proper file format via the specified process prior to the close of the specified period.

6. Re-mixes submitted through the proper process will be checked for copyright infringement and “cleared” by the contest judges. “Cleared” submissions will be judged based on sound quality, popular and innovative mixing techniques, technical precision, audience response, and other criteria related to 8 Minutes To Burn fund raising and social media exposure.

7. Remixes using ‘uncleared’ samples will be disqualified. An ‘uncleared sample’ is a musical work, loop or sample that you do not own the copyright for (ie: you didn’t create it) but is used in the mix longer than allowed by copyright infringement policy. You are free to use sounds that were created by you.

8. All re-mixes submitted for this contest become the legal property of 8 Minutes To Burn and/or 8M2B Productions as protection against the release of unauthorized remixes.

9. All 8 Minutes To Burn, 8M2B Productions, and AZOverload trademarks and logos are protected. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record, remix or remix parts is prohibited.

Re-Lion Remix Tracks...Have Fun!!!!