Friday, November 16, 2007

11/16 Playlist

Here it is! I am sorry you missed it, but podcasts are glorious things - check the archive on our host page on Blog Talk Radio HERE

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FoulMouth - Eyes of Fire
Leopard Head - Awkward Sex
Mello Mello - I Just Want to Love U
Ronin Meyer - Smoking Gun
Affirming the Consequent - Waiting for the A/C
Black Carl - Chemistry
KraiseD - Give Me My Mp3s
A Life of Science - Yact Life
Black Box Burning - Standing in a Story
The Spider Hole - Dames
The Stupors - Two For Me One for Jesus
B4 The H8 - Sin is a Monster
Back From Ashes - Father Fiction

Friday, November 2, 2007

BEER:30 11/02 Playlist

Thank you everyone who joined us in chat, for our interactive show. A Special thanks to Ian from Black Carl, Chris from Merciless Sin, Kevin Kavanaugh and Dylan from Dither, and of course Derrick from Affirming the Consequent for hanging out with us in chat... it was lots of fun.

As promised here is the playlist from tonight's show:

Black Carl - Chemistry
Affirming the Consequent - Letters
Orthostatic - Glass House
The SpiderHole- Dames
Gaza Strip - Solo
Merciless Sin - Bigot
Kevin Kavanaugh-Slipping Away
LeopardHead - Private Party
Mello Mello - I Just Want to Love U
Neba - My Heart Always Beats Her
Playground Legends - Angels and Devils
Rising Conviction- Axel FU
Affirming the Consequent - Le Grange
B4 The H8 - Sin is a Monster

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