Friday, July 18, 2008

New Beer:30 and 7/18 playlist

So we're going to have to change some things around a bit.. the new beer 30 will be pre request, and you can make them during the week. Just let me know what you want to hear on friday in an email (, reply to this blog, on myspace, anway you want. Check first to see if I have it. If you want to hear something I don't have... contact the band. Let them know they can send me their mp3s or email me with anyquestions.

Tonight's playlist:

GUNZAWLESS - My Angel Song - Tequilla Mockingbird
Affirming the Consequent - Letters
Merciless Sin - Bigot
Rising Conviction - Drugs
Black Box Burning - Standing in a Story
Leopard Head - Awkward Sex
Minivan Mafia - Dragonfly
The Premiere - Patrick Swayze
The Green Lady Killers - Whips and Chains
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Sketching in Stereo - Homogenized
KOAMA - Rise Above
Daughters of Fission - The Juggler
Neba - My Heart Always Beats