Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jamie Dull Releases Accoustic EP January 26th

Friend of the site and former drummer for the AZ band Radiofix, Jamie Dull is busy getting ready to release his accoustic 7 song EP, The Quiet Sessions. Although he will be releasing his cd at a private event in Mesa January 26th, you can contact him for information and possibly an invite by emailing him at:

You can hear tracks off Jamie Dull's upcoming accoustic EP on his myspace HERE

Friday, January 11, 2008

playlist from 1/11/08

Thanks to all of you who are sending in those mp3s - we are getting quite the collection. Now it's more important than ever to spread the word to all of your friends/fans to let them know we have them - get in chat and start requesting! An hour doesn't seem very long when you have 30+ different bands sending you multiple tracks.


Thanks to all of you for hanging out with us in chat and helping us put on a fun show. See you next week!

Juicy Newt- Here's to You
Kevin Kavanaugh - Cry Havoc (emo mix)
Affirming the Consequent - Burn a Politician
Neba - Rest
oneSTARnite - Mario
Howitzer - Blacklisted
From Dark - Answer to Infection
The Stupors - Two for Me One for Jesus
Black Box Burning - Standing in a Story
The Green Lady Killers - Whips and Chains
Leopard Head - 9mm Dance Machine
Down By Fire - Madam Monroe
Mission G - I wish you the best and by the best I mean the worst
Friday Night Gun Fight - Just a Dream
Rising Conviction - Drugs
Down By Fire - Another Year on the...

Friday, January 4, 2008

1/4/2008 Playlist

I finally made it back, and I would like to thank all of you who carried on without me ESPECIALLY my incredible co-host Derrick for taking care of business while I was away.

A special thanks to Jason Tucker and Saint for taking care of the interview Wednesday Night with Playground Lengends -- I owe you BIG!!!

It's good to be back, and I can't wait to kick off the new year with you all!

Souless - Behind the Mask
Dust & Blood - SIng to Your Demons
The Spider Hole - Dames
MIssion G - I wish you the Best and by the best I mean the worst
Neba - Don't be Slow
Orthostatic - Poser Nation
Howitzer - Blacklisted
Get Down to Brass Tacks - Heaven
Affirming the Consequent - Burn a Politician
Dither - Bitch(I cut you)
Tugboat - The Mystery
Gaza Strip - Solo
Hellven - You kicked my ass
Jonutis - Bring it On
Allie's Mitt - Rudy Can't Fail