Friday, August 22, 2008

8/15 playlist a week late

sorry guys! I totally spaced posting this last week. Go download the podcast from the archive or subscribe on itunes.

Black Carl - Chemistry
The Spider Hole - The Great Dutch Reveal

Rising Conviction - Axel FU
Kashlee Clausen - Mad on Fire
The Green Lady Killers - Whips and Chains
Get Down to Brass Tacks - Heaven
Neba - Talk to Me Girl
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Snail Quail - Opposite Love Song
The Premiere - The Disease
This Century - The Moment
What Laura Says Thinks and Feels - Illustrated Manual
Leopard Head - Private Party
Race You There - Phonebooth
The Revival - It Starts Tonight

8/22 playlist!! WOOT WOOT!!!

I had a great time in chat, although it wasn't as happening as it usually was. My awesome friend, Alana, hung out with me, and she is sooooo much fun to be around.

She also writes reviews for the site. Speaking of reviews I have several I am hoping to post in the next week... so check that out when you can.

Here's tonight's playlist!

Race You There - I'm a Little Skewed
The Revival - It Starts Tonight
Neba - I don't Speak Binary
KraiseD - Give me My MP3s
Rising Conviction - Drugs
Daughters of Fission - The Juggler
The Spider Hole - The Great Dutch Reveal
The Stupors - Two for Me One for Jesus
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Snail Quail - SOme PLace Better
Sketching in Stereo - Homogenized
Tugboat - Ocean to Ocean
France Vs, France - Get Into the FIght
Black Carl - Chemistry
This Century - The Moment
Tugboat - Shaped