Friday, January 11, 2008

playlist from 1/11/08

Thanks to all of you who are sending in those mp3s - we are getting quite the collection. Now it's more important than ever to spread the word to all of your friends/fans to let them know we have them - get in chat and start requesting! An hour doesn't seem very long when you have 30+ different bands sending you multiple tracks.


Thanks to all of you for hanging out with us in chat and helping us put on a fun show. See you next week!

Juicy Newt- Here's to You
Kevin Kavanaugh - Cry Havoc (emo mix)
Affirming the Consequent - Burn a Politician
Neba - Rest
oneSTARnite - Mario
Howitzer - Blacklisted
From Dark - Answer to Infection
The Stupors - Two for Me One for Jesus
Black Box Burning - Standing in a Story
The Green Lady Killers - Whips and Chains
Leopard Head - 9mm Dance Machine
Down By Fire - Madam Monroe
Mission G - I wish you the best and by the best I mean the worst
Friday Night Gun Fight - Just a Dream
Rising Conviction - Drugs
Down By Fire - Another Year on the...

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