Friday, May 2, 2008

Playlist 5/2/08

Thanks all of you hung out with us in chat and those of you who listened:

Today's beer was Ace Apple Cider and Derrick said "It kind of sucks. I have no smart ass comment.. so uninteresting"

There ya go!

Now for today's playlist:

Sol Pilot - Pilot to the Son
Rossi357 - Pitch Black Night
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Playground Legends - Fall From Grace
Black Box Burning - Standing in a Story
Affirming the Consequent - Coming Home
KraiseD -I'm Choking
Shotgun Royale - Night and Days
Brian James - Filling the Void
Denial Method - Saint
Gaza Strip - Solo
GUNZAWLESS - My Angel Song - Tequilla Mockingbird
Dead End Dragstrip - Dead By Dawn

Thanks again! Check out the bands and show them some love!

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