Friday, March 7, 2008

My Absense @ BEER:30 and the playlist for 3/07


Derrick has done it again! Breaking the format with I'm ("the boss lady") away. Oh well. I wasn't there and if you saw my pretty little handle "2mara" staring at you in chat, with pink font, that was the princess imposter Derrick.

Here's the playlist! See you next week!

Rebirth - Anthem of the Blackhearted
Affirming the Consequent - La Grange
25/7 - Hollywood
Sectas - When You See Me Die
75 Summers - Homesick
Leopard Head - Chocolate Milk and White Noise
Allie's Mitt - Rudie Can't Fail
Bofus - Sunshine
Affirming the Consequent - Song Z
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Brian James - Long Road
Derrick - Simply
Denial Method - Fallen
Neba - Angelic

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