Friday, March 14, 2008

3/14 Playlist & Beer

Thanks for hanging out with us today it was a lot of fun. Derrick went over today's beer but I didn't write all that shit down... check the archive on blogtalkradio and listen for yourself or check the beer out online here:

Drink responsibly!

Sol Pilot - RUn
Mission G - I Wish you the best and by the best I mean the worst
75 Summers - Pretty Song
B4 The H8 - Sin is a Monster
France Vs. France - Get Into the Fight
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Mello Mello - I just Want to Love You
Neba - My Heart Always Beats Her
Sol Pilot - Names
Affirming the Consequent - Coming Home
Brothers Gow - Glass in Your Foot
Denial Method - Fallen
Anthem for the Blackhearted

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