Friday, February 15, 2008

2/15 playlist

Thanks to all of those who listened and hung out with us in chat. I had lots of fun, and look forward to next week show. Keep sending in those mp3 to me at and be sure to hang out on Fridays and request your favorite local AZ music!

Neba - Talk to Me Girl
Shotgun Royale - Zombie Dog
Get Along Gang - Rejected
Juicy Newt - Here's to You
Delta!Delta! - Exhale
Howitzer - Blacklisted
Rising Conviction - Drugs
Mission G - I Wish You the Best and By the Best I Mean the Worst
THird Round Chambered - Soul on Hold
Brian James - Trippin' Dayzeez
Leopard Head - Chocolate Milk & White Noise
Affirming the Consequent - Coming Home
The Spider Hole - Dames

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