Friday, December 14, 2007

12/14 Playlist

Thank you all for hanging out with us in chat, it was lots of fun. Our first weekly beer was: Abby Leffe Blonde
and to quote Derrick, "seriously this beer tastes like tree trunk that a bear wiped it's ass on". What did you Think?

Mission G - Me
Orthostatic - Glass House
Neba - Don't be Slow
Playground Legends - Rewind
Headroom- Welcome to Turtlewoods
Ph8 - A Little Bit About..
The Spider Hole - Dames
Black Carl - Chemistry
Highwire Fiction - Like the Rest
Affirming the Consequent - La Grange
The Stupors - Two for me One for Jesus
Merciless Sin - Bigot
B4 The H8 - Sin is a Monster
Mission G - I Wish You the Best and by the Best I mean the Worst

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