Monday, January 26, 2009

Interviews and questions

I was finally able to post the interview I did with Bryce Hill of The Constellation Branch this morning. You can read it in the interviews section on the site. I wanted to make sure everything was ok'd with the band before I posted it.

I enjoyed talking to Bryce about the band and some things didn't make it into the interview like: the fact that Aaron Motley (bass) actually designed some of the cd art and the Tshirts in their online store; Jordan Cruz is only 19, so for half of the life of the band, he was actually in highschool; Stephen O'Sicky handles most of the Myspace stuff and email; and Bryce plays guitar AND some organ AND even did the (drum sample) programming on "The Dream Sequence."

It was hard for me to decide what stays and what goes in an interview like this, so I tried to keep everything revolved around the cd in the piece. I had 5 pages of transcribed notes from the phone call, and there was no way I could use it all... and that wasn't even my lines/questions, that was JUST Bryce's answers.

I am constantly blown away by the talented youth in this state... sadly it makes me feel incredibly old and lazy.

If you were interviewing the band, what question would you ask?

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